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Executive Staff

  • Matthias Bakker; Academic Affairs

University Library

  • Nick Boxem; Operations
  • Pascal Braak; Open Access Publishing
  • Maartje de Klerk;  Digital Services

Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences

  • Bert Bakker; Department of Communication Science
  • Javier Garcia Bernardo; Department of Political Science; Political Economy and Transnational Governance
  • Tisa Bertlich; Department of Psychology
  • Cameron Brick; Department of Psychology, Social Psychology
  • Henk Cremers; Department of Psychology, Clinical Psychology
  • Sophia Crüwell; Department of Psychology, Psychological Methods
  • Carmen Cuculescu; College of Child Development and Education
  • Maike Dahrendorf; Department of Psychology, Psychological Methods
  • Wouter de Nooy; Department of Communication Science
  • Koen Derks; Department of Psychology, Psychological Methods
  • Sacha Epskamp; Department of Psychology, Psychological Methods
  • Nathan Evans; Department of Psychology, Psychological Methods
  • Johannes Fahrenfort; Department of Psychology, Brain and Cognition
  • Linda Geven; Department of Psychology, Clinical Psychology
  • Anna Gerlicher; Department of Psychology, Clinical Psychology
  • Julia Haaf; Department of Psychology; Psychological Methods
  • Suzanne Hoogeveen; Department of Psychology, Social Psychology
  • Adela Isvoranu; Department of Psychology; Psychological Methods
  • Jolanda Kossakowski; Department of Psychology, Psychological Methods
  • Dora Matzke; Department of Psychology, Psychological Methods
  • Frans Oort; Department of Child Development and Education, Methods and Statistics
  • Ana Pinho; Department of Psychology, Developmental Psychology
  • Ilse Pit;  Department of Communication Science
  • Thomas Pronk; Department of Developmental Psychology, Technical Support Unit
  • Maien Sachisthal; Department of Psychology, Developmental Psychology
  • Alexandra Sarafoglou; Department of Psychology, Psychological Methods
  • Lea Schumacher; Department of Psychology, Developmental Psychology
  • Scarlett Slagter; Department of Psychology, Developmental Psychology
  • Lukas Snoek; Department of Psychology, Brain and Cognition
  • Henry Staub; Department of Psychology
  • Angelika Stefan; Department of Psychology, Psychological Methods
  • Charlotte Tanis; Department of Psychology, Psychological Methods
  • Michiel van Elk; Department of Psychology, Social Psychology
  • Myrthe Veenman; Department of Psychology, Psychological Methods
  • Bruno Verschuere; Department of Psychology, Clinical Psychology
  • Eric-Jan Wagenmakers; Department of Psychology, Psychological Methods
  • Florian Wanders; Department of Psychology, Work and Organizational Psychology
  • Maria Zwicker; Department of Psychology, Social Psychology

Faculty of Economics and Business

  • Katarzyna Lasak; Department of Econometrics and Finance

Faculty of Humanities

  • Sible Andringa; Dutch department
  • Iris Broedelet; Department of Linguistics
  • Natalia Rivera-Vera; Amsterdam Center for Language and Communication

Faculty of Law

Faculty of Medicine

  • Gerben ter Riet; Faculty of Medicine, Department of Cardiology

Faculty of Sciences

  • Marc Galland; Swammerdam Institute for Life Sciences
  • Like Fokkens; Swammerdam Institute for Life Sciences
  • Chris Jungerius; Swammerdam Institute for Life Sciences
  • Emiel van Loon; Institute for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Dynamics (IBED)

Faculty of Dentistry