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Empirical disciplines have been experiencing ongoing methodological reorientation toward more transparency and open research practices. As a consequence, a series of methods were proposed to increase scientific integrity. Open science practices include preregistration, replication research, publishing open access, and sharing data, research material and code.

The Open Science Community Amsterdam is part of the larger open science community network in the Netherlands. It encompasses the three big educational institutions in Amsterdam, the UvA, the VU and the HvA as well as the Student Initiative for Open Science (SIOS). Open science communities are an initiative to create a platform for researchers and students from all faculties and academic levels to subscribe to the open science philosophy, talk and learn about open science practices, and get concrete advice and help on how to apply them in their research projects.

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We encourage members from all faculties of the UvA to join the Open Science Community Amsterdam.  As a member of the Open Science Community you will be listed on our website with your name, email address and the faculty that you are associated with. In addition, you can choose whether you want to receive information about upcoming events that are organized by us. If you would like to join the Open Science Community Amsterdam fill out the form below:


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During our consulting times we provide researchers with advice on the preregistration of experiments, data storage and sharing, and workflow.  We are open to students and researchers at all levels.

Our office is located at Roeterseiland Campus of the University of Amsterdam, building G, room REC-G 0.30. We recommend researchers who would like to receive advice to make an appointment with us ahead of time via